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Let’s All Take Control

Clearly, we would all love a spring 2020 do-over. That’s out of our control.

Instead of loosing direction and dwelling on the uncontrollable, let’s focus on the things we can control.

All of us as hair stylists, beauty professionals and salon clients, would prefer to be able to do business as usual in a safe, clean environment, Corona free. Until future notice, we can not do business as usual, so we all have a ‘new normal’.

Until that glorious day when we can slide back into our comfortable lives and visit our favorite beauty gurus, let’s do some things from home to make us feel more in control and beautiful!

I know most of us have a ‘product cupboard’ chock full of deep conditioning treatments, facial mud masks and hand creams “for a rainy day”. Use them. Do a little self-care. Dive into the back of that goldmine and put a deep conditioning mask on your head, wrap it up in a towel and let that baby sit all day while you work from home! Your new coworkers (err, pets) won’t mind you rocking a towel on your head with de-puffing-hydra-eye pads under your eyes while you answer emails in your yoga pants. You May temporarily look like a lunatic, but your skin and hair will thank you for the extra moisture! (If you don’t find a deep conditioning hair mask in that stash of yours, try leaving your regular conditioner in, instead. It will still give your tresses some extra moisture! Reminder: please remember to rinse your hair out eventually!!)

Another thing we can do for ourselves is slow down on the heat styling and harsh elastic hair bands. Both create a lot of unnecessary damage.

Although, we love the look that curling and straightening gives us for the office, if you’re among the masses of us in quarantine, give your hair a much needed break! Since most of us aren’t currently keeping a hectic schedule these days, there is little need to heat style our hair on a daily.

What else? Make friends with that scrunchie, if you haven’t already! It won’t tangle or break the hair like a traditional hairband or eleastic. Scrunchies don’t bind or hold the hair too tight which can create tension and ultimately, breakage and split ends.

Lord knows I’m not saying that wearing a scrunchie to the office is a thing that should be happening, but around the home office? Hell, yeah! Even better, opt for loose braids and rock the added benefit of ‘beach waves’ the next day!

For all my color dependent friends out there with long or short hair.... continue to shampoo your hair every other day or less (With color care shampoo of course!) to keep your color as vibrant as possible for as long as possible. You can also try a zigzag part to help hide your roots! Take a rat tail comb (or pencil) and draw a quick, tight, zigzag instead of a straight line to part your hair. This helps to camouflage the root regrowth. It’s not an answer to the problem but it may help to keep you sane!

In conclusion; let’s focus on keeping our hair healthy. If we take some of these small steps for our hair’s health, maybe in some small way we can keep control too.

Please know that we‘re all in the same boat. When we all emerge from our quarantine comas, we’ll all have roots, split ends and be in dyer need of some salon pampering. However, I truly believe we’ll all be better for it.

We will all appreciate the little things, a little more. We will all enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend more deeply. We will all pretend not to see our coworkers’ gray roots. Instead we’ll be so happy to see their smiling faces in real life that we may not even notice them at all. (Okay, let’s not get nutty!)

In all seriousness, I hope these silly little tips help keep your sanity in check and keep us from hacking at our own hair with kitchen shears or experimenting with SuperMart box color. In the end, it’ll be worth the wait!!

Stay healthy & safe!!

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